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Thought I was getting a discount on a car rental )which I never ended up getting) and signed up for the deal. Was told it would be a monthly charge of 16.99 and could cancel anytime after the first month. What I see on my bank account is two separate charges to the account of 16.99 each for two separate "services" which I was never told and when I called to cancel was told to continue with the... Read more

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I got charged for months and i never received anything Add comment

I keep getting billed for TLG shoppers. . I would like to settle this problem and be reimbursed. I contacted this company over a month ago to dispute these transactions and to be removed and no one ever replied back. I have contacted my lawyer, and further withdrawals and you will be hearing from me lawyer. Add comment

I don't give to then any autorizacion to take money from my credit card Add comment

Got scam! 19.35 never herd of this company before. Add comment

In 2014 some how I was charged $300.00 from Jan. to July. Money the bank can not get back for me. I cancelled the subscription in July, 2014. They said they would return my money in seven days. Seven days has not come yet. When I called in Feb., they said I closed the account in July but I opened another one. Why the *** would I do that. Anyway ,March, 2015 I had to close my bank account to... Read more

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I was scammed by this company. They refused to reverse the charges but did agree to cancel the "membership". They have charged my account multiple times. Called the company to find out what the charge was for and no one there is able to tell me what it is or how it is being charged to my account. Does anyone know exactly what this company is or what it does? Or who they are affiliated with? I... Read more

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My card keeps getting charged for this company and i have no idea what this company is.. I'm getting OVERDRAFT fees and haven't even used my debit card Add comment

Got a phone call offering coupons and discounts - reluctantly agreed - got package in mail - just called to cancel with TLG Great... - got through - and have a cancel #; tried to phone 800 # for TLG Shoppers - gave my account number, and phone cut off - no way to cancel this - looking for advise on how to get out from this scam! So, now I have to fill up the space with 100 words to get this... Read more

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Never heard of them but I was "signed" up. I called the 800# to be unsubscribed. They claimed there would be no refund until I told them I would call my bank and dispute the charge. She said she would try to get it refunded. I called my bank anyway to replace my debit card. What a pain! They are opening a fraud case. Add comment

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