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Never heard of them but I was "signed" up. I called the 800# to be unsubscribed. They claimed there would be no refund until I told them I would call my bank and dispute the charge. She said she would try to get it refunded. I called my bank anyway to replace my debit card. What a pain! They are opening a fraud case. Add comment

Tlg has been taking money off my card each month and I don't even know about this company Add comment

Signed up cancelled and was charged 16.99 for the next 6 months now I am trying to dispute charges. Add comment

I bought an airline ticket online and this company got my phone number and started to offer me discount and rebate they told me its a free membership. then they started to ripoff my credit card. I wrote them a letter to cancel whatever membership they put me in and they replied back and said it was cancelled. but then lately I saw them charging my credit card again..for monthly membership at a... Read more

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I called about a rebate through my airlines and got a $100 rebate if I signed up for their company and the first month was free and I could cancel anytime. We decided not to continue our new membership and canceled through and email several days after. I checked my bank account this month and I was charged $16.99 for this month. I called and asked why, and since I didn't have my confirmation info... Read more

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This parasite of a company was pushed on me upon getting a ticket on Spirit Airlines. They promised a $50.00 rebate off of the ticket price, which of course never happened. what did happen was they charge my account $19.95 per month plus attached their sister company TLG Great Fun to charge me an equal amount for six months all while providing no product of service. They should be shut down... Read more

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Ive been charged for tlg and i never heard of it. I dont want this Add comment

Without my knowledge pre authorized funds were taken off my card account how do I go about seeing they are prosecuted. . Add comment

I have experienced things like this with other accounts and not due to this brand new account my lingering fear is about to come upon me. I am beginning to fear the Computer that I just started using again and probably going to cancel this company also. This to me is nothing but Cons and Pro's. Also haven't found anything I seen to be of interest yet but before they get toy account I believe I am... Read more

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Charge me fo nothing. ..and I never signed anything with you...I don't know you Add comment

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