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Charge me fo nothing. ..and I never signed anything with you...I don't know you Add comment

Stealing money from me after I buy a plane ticket Add comment

I signed up for Travelers Advantage to receive a 50.00 credit, that I never got. I canceled Travelers Advantage but apparently I was signed up for Shoppers Advantage as well. I have never received anything from them, just noticed the charge on my bank statement. When I called the lady (who is just doing her job) kept trying to get me to try out their services when i clearly said "I don't know... Read more

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I purchased skin products only paying only the s/h fees. That was in October 2014 through a different company. The next day, I received a call from [TLG*shopper] as a third party. I was allotted (can't remember) 10 or 14 days on the trial and after would be charged 21.95 for the services. I didn't see it a problem and did it. But cancelled within the time frame to cancel that trial. The first... Read more

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I can no longer find my log in info on their site but they continue to charge me for something. If I don't have an account, how can there be a recurring charge. What the *** am i paying for!!?? I never authorized any such payment either. I would like my money refunded!!! Ive seen so many other people with a similar complaint. Something needs to be done but I am unsure where to start. Whoever... Read more

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I have no idea what or who you are put $16.99 was taken out of my checking account and I want it back in and cancel whatever is causing this. If this is for magazines, I told the people I don't read any and that I didn't want them so something better be done about this, and as soon as possible. I'm on a budget living and can't have this happen every month namely if I didn't give permission for... Read more

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Purchased a plane ticket from an airline company, they had promotion/rebate. To claim rebate I was directed to a different website called The Great Fun. I signed up there, it was not free. I called and the agent told me that I had to get their membership and pay $1 for first month (then $16.99/month) and can be cancelled at any time. I did it and got a $50 check after 1 month. I then cancelled... Read more

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Just happed to check my credit card account and there was tlc or what ever it is. You removed money from my credit card without my permission I want a refund now. I had no knowledge of subscribing to or giving permission for this withdrawal. When will you people ever learn when we want a service we will ask for the service. You come in the back door without any one knowing and are a disgrace... Read more

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I agreed to membership for discounted tickets. Was going to cancel but forgot to. In December 2014 I closed my existing checking and savings and opened new ones. Yesterday I noticed a deduction of $16.99. It was TLG Shoppers Advantage. How in the world did they get into my new account without knowing my new information????!!!! Yes I owe because I am still a member. That's about to change real... Read more

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